Best Way to Store Tissue Paper at Home: What You Need to Know

Best Way To Store Tissue Paper

Nobody wants to experience running out of toilet paper while in a bathroom: Hence, many home and business owners make sure to store tissue paper supplies, especially now that it is unsafe to go outside due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there are several online cleaning stores where you can add your preferred tissue paper to your cart, it may take days or even weeks for your purchase to be delivered right at your doorstep. Once  you receive a bunch of paper tissues that can last for a month or two, you need to think about where you could store those spare rolls. Luckily, you can search for the Best Way To Store Tissue Paper online to keep your tissue paper in good condition.

What is Toilet Paper and Why It is Important?

As toilet paper is considered a basic human necessity, they are usually one of the first things to get out of stock from the supermarkets before and after an unforeseen emergency just like what happened when the news about the coronavirus outbreak spread a year ago. Many  people rushed into the supermarkets to buy goods and hygiene supplies. Hence, it is always necessary to always purchase enough tissue paper in case of an emergency. Besides, despite the expiration date listed on the packaging of your toilet paper, the product can last longer than expected. But of course, you need to ensure that they don't get wet or dirty while being stored.

According to statistics, over 12 billion toilet paper rolls are consumed by Americans each year. In fact, 83 million toilet paper rolls are produced every day by manufacturers to prevent scarcity. It's no surprise, as tissue paper is used every day in so many ways, especially for hygienic purposes. The scarcity of water makes toilet paper a good substitute for washing purposes.. Have you ever imagined yourself needing another roll of toilet paper, and there's none nearby? It is nothing short of a living nightmare, indeed! However, keeping extra rolls in your bathroom isn't always easy, especially if you have limited space. That’s when you need to think of an amazing way to properly store your tissue paper, whether a DIY or a cleaning storage equipment from a trusted janitorial supplies provider near you.

Creative Ways to Store Toilet Tissue Paper 

Toilet paper is not the most decorative item, but it is an essential item that everyone must have in their bathrooms. Many people find a better storage solution than stacking a few extra rolls on top of the toilet tank. Here are some creative ideas to help you store the toilet paper in your bathroom properly.

Put toilet tissue rolls on a rolling cart.

If you're looking for a convenient and handy way of storing your toilet and toiletries in your bathroom, a rolling cart is a great choice. Aside from the fact that it can store and organize many items, you can also move them around whenever you need to. It is a subtle, yet creative way to keep your toilet paper ]at arm's reach while still sitting on the ceramic throne.

Reuse an old magazine holder.

One of the best and eco-friendly ways of storing your toilet paper is reusing your old office organizer. Depending on the magazine holder size, you can put and stack many toilet paper on it, and you can just place it in a moisture-free area inside your bathroom. You may also make a DIY cover to ensure that your toilet paper is safe from water splashes and dust.

Place your tissue paper on a cute wire basket over the toilet.

If you want to add a chic and functional decor to your bathroom, a small wire basket is perfect. You can store lots of extra tissue rolls on it while keeping your bathroom aesthetically pleasing at the same time. You may also put additional decorations like flowers or handcraft designs if you want.

Purchase a wall-mounted toilet paper holder.

Don't want to stack tissue inside your bathroom? If so, then a rust proof toilet paper holder is your best choice! You can go for the one made from stainless or aluminum materials to protect your toilet paper against rust and corrosion. Also make sure  to find the one that can hold even jumbo-sized rolls of toilet tissue.

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