How to Control Pet Odor with Pest Control Odor Removal

How to Control Pet Odor with Pest Control Odor Removal

It's a common scenario for pet owners to deal with stinky smells in their homes. Sometimes, their beloved fur-baby themselves is the cause of the odor. At the same time, there are instances that odors come from soiled carpets or rotten foods inside the  pet cage. If you let those smells remain for a day  or so, it might lead to poor air quality, which may lead  to serious breathing problems. However, keeping your home and pets free from foul odors requires regular cleaning schedules with the use of  the best Pest Control Odor Removal. This includes  proper grooming of your pets and thorough washing of their cage and beddings as often as possible. 

Advantages of Keeping Your Home Free from Pet Odors

Everyone would agree that having pets at home can bring more happiness to the family members. In fact, many pet owners are treating their pets as part of their families. However, owning pets means you have to be responsible for taking care of them, especially when it comes to their hygiene. That also  includes knowing how to control pet odors in the house by practicing regular cleaning habits. For instance, it would reduce the possibility of odor accumulation when you always check your carpet, sofas, and beddings, keeping them clean and odor-free at all times. Also, it will not take you hours to spray the entire home with a scented air freshener you trust the most. These practices will not just eliminate the unwelcome odor, but they can surely provide great comfort and relief to you and your family.

Eliminating bad odors that keep on invading your home doesn't happen over time. Besides, it can be hard to instantly remove those smells if you are not equipped with the right knowledge and tools. With so many odor control products available on the market, it can be confusing which one is worthy of investing your time and money with. Hence, you need to be familiar with the important ways to effectively remove and control odors because of your pets.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Pet Odor at Home

With the ongoing threats of the pandemic, we don't have a choice but to stay in the comfort of our homes and practice proper hygiene and disinfection. On the other side, these tough times provide a great opportunity to be with our families, enjoying each others' company. However, dealing with foul odors at home brought by your pets can ruin the bonding moments. To help you with that, we give you the easiest ways on how to effectively eliminate pet odors at home:

1. Find out the source of the odor

The first thing you need to do when you are trying to get rid of the odor is to find the culprit. It can be a tricky task since you only need to use your senses. Once you find out the odor source, you can now proceed with the cleaning process.

2. Improve the ventilation around your home.

There's nothing more satisfying than having to breathe fresh air while enjoying some good times with your family. Hence, enhancing your indoor air quality by letting your doors and windows open is great, especially when you have pets inside your home. This way, you can effectively reduce odors from any source. You can also invest in exhaust fans for better ventilation of your entire home. 

3. Use safe and dependable air cleaner.

Although  improving your home ventilation system is a good idea, doing regular cleaning is still the best since it can totally ensure to remove the source of the odor. You can use DIY cleaning products you see online, but if you want to achieve better  results, you can visit your nearest janitorial supply and choose high-performance cleaners and air fresheners

4. Keep your pets clean at all times

Aside from your TLC, your pets need regular grooming and bathing to keep them always clean and healthy. However, you should not only focus on giving them fresh baths. It would be best if you examine their body parts to check  their ears and toes in case there is an infection or infestation. Also, brushing their teeth can reduce the possibility of bad breaths, which can also contribute to bad odors at home. 

5. Wash pet cage and bedding regularly

Pets' fecal matter and urine are one of the world’s worst smells. That's why you need to get rid of them immediately before  your home starts smelling funky and ripe. You can start by washing their beddings with a mild detergent and cleaning their cages with bleach to completely remove all the sources possible. 

End Your Pet Odor Problems with Rose Janitorial Supply!

Dealing with pet odors at home can affect your daily routine and even the overall health of your family. Luckily, you can now enjoy and breathe fresh air despite having pets at home with Rose Janitorial Supplies’ high-quality and safe cleaning products. From different types of bleach and detergent to different types of air fresheners, you can have it all here! You may visit our website at and find the best products you need in controlling pet odors at your home! 

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