Workplace Areas to Put Hand Sanitizer Bottles Accessible

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One way to ensure employees' health safety in the workplace is to provide them with a hand sanitizer station, along with  the best Hand Sanitizer Bottle to use. However, even if you have the best quality products ready for them, it is of no use if employees don't regularly use and practice proper hand hygiene. Hence, your first action should be about implementing accessible sanitizer stations around the working area. 

Learn in this section the importance of hand sanitizers in the workplace and the key locations to put hand sanitizers ready for every employee. 

Importance of Hand Sanitizer Station in the Workplace

Have you ever wondered, if not for the current pandemic, would people be always mindful about their  hand hygiene while they are at work? Of course, it is a must for everyone. With or without pandemics, proper hand hygiene is essential. 

At any workplace on any workday, from writing reports in a corporate world, shaking hands to business partners or co-workers, or labor works in many industrial fields, employees use their hands to do all the tasks needed. It also includes grabbing things from the table, opening doors, eating food at the cafeteria, and so much more. Now, with all these acts, everyone gets exposed to specks of dirt, bacteria, or germs. It will also lead  to transmission of  diseases, illnesses, or infections that may affect employees' health. Moreso, it can impact business productivity when employees start to get sick. As they will need to take a  break from work, they may leave some tasks hanging, increasing the downtime on productivity. Thus, it is crucial to implement and practice proper hand hygiene to benefit everyone's health. 

Where to Put Hand Sanitizer Bottle in the Workplace

Bacteria  and germs are everywhere. It is why having an on-the-go hand sanitizer bottle yourself is beneficial. But as an employer, it should also be your responsibility to implement and encourage proper hand hygiene for the safety of your employees. That said, having hand sanitizer stations for different parts of the workplace is the perfect action.

Now, the first step is to identify key locations at the workplace where you can best put alcohol-free hand sanitizer or sanitizer gel and make it accessible for everyone. It is an excellent way to remind them to practice proper hygiene, as they see it almost everywhere in the area. If you have many employees, it is best to place large hand sanitizer for ease of use. Learn the key locations to put a hand sanitizer bottle at your workplace below. 

#1: Entrances and Exits

The primary area where employees may expose themselves to each other and share germs or bacteria is the entrances and exits. Of course, everyone will pass through the door or may touch doorknobs to enter the workplace. While maintenance staff may disinfect it regularly, touching one surface after another may cause transmission of bacteria. Make sure  to provide a hand sanitation area with a hand sanitizer bottle nearby the front doors and exits. 

#2: Cafeterias or Food Courts

Another area where bacteria and germs are roaming around is the cafeterias and food courts. If employees don't practice proper hand hygiene before eating their food, they may digest all of them unknowingly and be infected  with some diseases. Employees who prepare the food in the kitchen must also follow proper hand hygiene, and are also encouraged to use hand sanitizer to reduce germs. 

#3: Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are also one of the hotspots where germs and bacterias may widely spread. Many employees often use this place to conduct a meeting with guests and business partners, and shaking hands is one social activity that always happens. Thus, make sure to place a hand sanitizer bottle at the front and back door and encourage everyone to sanitize their hands before and after the meeting. 

#4: Employee Desks

Of course, the proper hand hygiene practices should also start from the employee's desks themselves. Before or after leaving your desk, it is necessary to sanitize your hands to eliminate the bacterias you probably get from leaving the area or your table. Your computer, documents, and other work supplies are also hotspots of germs, and so keeping your hand sanitized is crucial. By having an accessible hand sanitizer bottle on each employee's table, they can often and easily practice proper hand hygiene.

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