Fresh Sorb Granular Absorbent 12 Lbs/Cs
1 lb., 12/cs Fresh Sorb is an economical compound designed to absorb various body fluids as well as many other liquids. In addition to its excellent absorption of liquids, Fresh Sorb eliminates the source of many odors. Powdered.
$48.41 $40.34
SpillTech CornCob Sock - 3" x 42"
3" x 42", 40 /cs Absorbs 20 gallons per pack Details: Absorb 1/2 gallon of oil, coolants, solvents and water, nearly twice as much as clay, but without the dust or the mess to clean up afterward. Incinerable. Ideal for...
$85.83 $71.53
Absorbent Roll Universal Contractor Grade
30" x 150" , ea Bonded Mat Roll with HighLoft Technology economically controls spills and overspray to help keep floors dry and safe. 30" x 150', ea Details: Upgraded manufacturing capabilities create a Roll that's sturdy and soft but has...
$110.79 $92.32
SpillTech Oil-Only Contractor Grade Pad
15" x 18", 100 /cs Highly absorbent MeltBlown polypropylene mat repels water and soaks up only oil and oil-based fluids. HighLoft construction is sturdy and soft Quickly absorbs leaks, spills, overspray to keep floors dry Pads are great for general...
$33.63 $28.03
SpillTech White Oil-Only Defender™ Pads
 15"x19",MediumWeight, 100/cs | 15"x19",HeavyWeight,100/cs | 30"x30",HeavyWeight, 50/cs Highly absorbent SonicBonded mat for oily spills and overspray. Abrasion-resistant top layer gives pads strength for everyday cleanup jobs. Perfect for medium-duty industrial, maintenance and general applications. Quickly absorbs leaks, spills and overspray to keep...
$61.47 from $51.23
SpillTech Defender™ Gray Mat Pads
Designed for maximum versatility, SpillTech Universal Defender Absorbent Pads provide reliable performance across a wide range of general spill control applications--including overspray cleanup, maintenance, and more. These absorbent pads can handle multiple liquids at once: their universal absorbency allows them...
$62.64 from $52.20
Pad Absorbent Universal Oil & Water 2Roll/Cs
15" x 150' , 2/cs Universal Melt Blown Details: Large liquid holding capacity. Quick absorbency. Great for fast clean up. Long product life. Earth-friendly/green.
$148.25 $123.54
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