Merit Natural Hair Burnishing Pads
19" , 5 / cs A special blend of synthetic and natural hair fibers with the highest hair content for a more aggressive burnishing application. 20", 5/cs 21", 5/cs
$25.11 from $20.92
Merit Natural Hair Lite Burnishing Pad
Available in different Sizes Produces an exceptional high luster to finishes, especially on soft and flexible surfaces. The natural and synthetic fibers combined with a soft resin, helps restore a high luster shine quickly and easily.
$20.03 from $16.69
Merit Aqua High Speed Burnish Pad - 20"
20" , 5 / cs Engineered to produce the "wet-look" shine on soft to medium hardness finishes. Excellent general purpose pad. Works especially well on metal-free finishes.
$24.24 $20.20
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