Corona #2 Round Point Shovel - DIY
ea., 48" ash wood handle Strong, 16-gauge tempered steel blade. Round point allows easy penetration of a variety of materials. Large, forward-turned steps for firmer footing. 48" long ash wood handle
$14.34 $11.95
Corona Nursery/Garden Drain Spade w/Closed Back
ea., 30 " Ash wood grip  Has 30" steel and Northern Ash wood D grip. Flat, wide, rectangular design for preparing planting beds to a constant depth by turning the soil over in place. Closed-back design protects handle from mud/dirt build-up...
$56.74 $47.28
Corona Garden Spade - DIY
ea., 30" ash wood handle Strong, 14-gauge tempered steel blade. Rounded edge penetrates ground easily, slices through small roots. Textured epoxy finish protects head. 30" ash wood handle with D grip
$30.61 $25.51
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